Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of the Evomo Apps

Collecting and processing personal data

Personal Data will be collected when you provide us an email adress in the registration process.

Registration of an Evomo Account

We need the following data for our registration:

  • a nickname
  • (optional) email adress
  • password

Data collection, processing and use within the Framework of the Evomo Apps

General provisions

For a meaningful use of ours apps, especially to provide a fully functional movement detection and recognition, we collect and store the movement data (acceleration and rotation rate of the Device) generated in your workout. The data is linked to your registered account and will be used to a) improve our overall movement detection algorithm and b) to provide you an individual model for a more precise movement recognition.


HealthKit Data are currently not included within the aggregated data and will not be used for marketing/advertising purposes or shared with third parties. We only need access to your burned calories to save an estimated calorie consumption in HealthKit for your Workout.


We use Fabric to collect several KPIs (key performance indicator) to analyse how well our app is used. The collected data is not personal data.

Crashlytic is used to analyse crashes of our app on your device. Therefore we collect data about your device but not personal data.

Additional Private Policy Terms (Only Germany)