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We are Evomo

A Machine-Learning Startup from Germany with a mission

Evolve your movement

More about us

About us

Image of the team at work.

Who we are

Our young Machine-Learning startup is located in Dresden. We envision a future where artificial intelligence is shifting the boundaries even further helping people in various activities. We start with a natural element of human activities: Movement. Evomo - Evolve your Movement.

What we do

We are developing a technology which will classify different movements like pushups and squats, simply by recognizing patterns in the signal of inertia sensors.This enables a whole new set of features like automated documentation of sport workout, real time feedback by a digital coach or live tracking of medical therapy programs.

Our Technology

Machine Learning

From the beginning we use machine learning to find patterns in our data instead of defining static rules for our algorithms.

Hidden Markov Models

Hidden Markov Models help us to analyze the sequential data we collected. So we can identify a chain of movements similar to speech recognition where you output a chain of words.

Neural Networks

Neural Networks and Deep Learning are increasing in popularity due to their phenomenal results in speech recognition and image classification. We use them to further improve the efficiency and performance of our models.

Sensor Fusion

Instead of using only data of one sensor, which is less expressive, we leverage the power of a sensor array to connect patterns and improve our inference.

Signal Processing

Machine Learning algorithms are highly dependent on a set of high quality features extracted from our data. For a thorough preparation we use sensor calibration, data normalisation, transformation and feature extraction.

Cloud Computing

To generate high quality models we depend on high scalable computing power which is provided by Cloud Computing.

Our Team

Our team is cofounded by the following members. We started our journey in 2016 and believe that our team composed of practical experience, creativity, engineering knowhow and a visionary spirit is ready to face the challenges of a young startup.

Portrait of Co-Founder David Moeller

David Moeller

Had the original idea + Software-Development + R&D

Portrait of Co-Founder Jakob Wowy

Jakob Wowy

Marketing + Recruiting + Market/Competition

Portrait of Co-Founder Patrick Wappler

Patrick Wappler

R&D + Finance + Sales


Employment Job description Beginning
Praktikum Software-Development (Backend - Django and Python) asap
Praktikum Business-Development asap
Praktikum Marketing/HR asap
Praktikum Data-Science/Machine-Learning asap


The project Evomo is supported through by the EXIST-Program by of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy as well as the European Social Fund.

In addition we are part of the ten-month long accelerator program DeltaHochDrei. It is providing extensive workshops and close collaboration to ensure that our team is advancing itself and its software based business model.

The support of the Dresden EXIST Team as well as of the Technical University of Dresden is completing the overall look.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Beilstrasse 23
01277 Dresden, Germany


+49 351 25 02 77 58

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